Native leaders at Standing Rock are calling on allies to continue taking action against the financial institutions backing the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The DAPL is a $3.8 billion, 1,100-mile oil pipeline currently under construction from North Dakota to Illinois. This project blatantly violates indigenous treaty rights, was approved without adequate tribal consultation, and will destroy Sioux cultural sites. 

On February 7, the US Army Corps gave notice of intent to grant the final easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline.  The Environmental Impact Statement ordered in the final days of the Obama administration has been waived, and drilling is expected to start as soon as possible. This is a response to President Trump’s orders to expedite approval of the project.  

Water protectors are still on the ground at the drill site, and leaders from The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe will continue their legal battle against the pipeline. Keeping up the pressure on financial backers of the DAPL project is key.

Trump has downplayed resistance to the pipeline, calling it "not controversial." Divesting our money hits companies where it hurts, and it definitively shows how many Americans are against the human rights and environmental disasters threatening Standing Rock.

Is your money funding injustice?

 Photo and banner image by  Fibonacci Blue  /  CC BY

Photo and banner image by Fibonacci Blue / CC BY

U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo, the largest banks in Minnesota, have provided hundreds of millions of dollars in credit to the companies building the DAPL. Wells Fargo has also invested directly in the Dakota Access project.

Banks use the money we deposit each month to make these investments — by entrusting our finances to large, profit-driven institutions, we put our own dollars behind injustice and destruction. It’s time that banks stop using our money to finance a dirty pipeline that perpetuates the longstanding cycle of violence against Native peoples and against the planet.

Now is the time to declare our opposition. Take action by closing your account with Wells Fargo or U.S. Bank.